Here are some writings from Elder Symeon Kragiopoulos from his book Spiritual Messages 2017

Elder Symeon always brings his message back to our stance before God, repentance, knowing ourselves, patience and dealing rightly with reality. I have found his writings to be very helpful, so when I can I post quotes from his writings for other people.

Elder Symeon: Embrace yourself as you are. That’s being humble.

Why Sin Does not Depart

The whole sinful state of a person doesn’t leave simply because one desires this and is forceful with spiritual things. The person who is willing to experience shame and who is still motivated by the love of God, will benefit and will be initiated to the spirit of Christ. From this comes the desire for sacrifice, the desire even for martyrdom. We have settled down for good in this world and instead of serving God, He serves us. What I mean here is that we behave as if we were the bosses, the gods, and as if God was our creature or servant. This is terrible.

When God illumines you at some moment, you will realize how sinful you are. You are, in a way, a nursery of sin. Don’t hesitate to see this. But be repentant!

Spiritual Maturity

Here is proof that you feel God’s compassion, goodness and mercy. Your soul is filled with gratitude. Your feel merciful towards others. In this way and in this sense, you forgive the people who cause you trouble. You tolerate those who are giving you a rough time and are compassion towards them. You grieve for others and you are not bothered by their wrong doings and you hope for their salvation. Your hope is for the mercy of God to be real for them.

No matter how much you try to be enthusiastic and cooperate with the people around you, and yes, you may even succeed. However all of this remains inspired by human efforts. Conversely, when we expect our circumstances and actions to be transformed by the grace of God, then it’s an entirely different story.


Embrace yourself as you are. That’s being humble.